cortnie dee photography | about

I'm Cortnie Dee, a giggly Ball of sunshine.



First and foremost, I love people. I love getting to know people, I love building lasting connections with people, and I love empowering people. I think if I had never picked up a camera I would have found a way to be a professional personal-cheerleader.

Being a photographer allows me to do everything I love. My job revolves around making people feel comfortable, making people laugh (at me, sometimes, which I'm okay with), and getting to know their stories. I love it. I say it all the time, but I really, truly have the best job in the entire world.

I started taking portraits in 2007 - my first session was a senior portrait session in their backyard...and just hit the ground running. I was asked to do a wedding in 2010 and didn't think I could do it. But I did it, and fell in love. Weddings are, without a doubt, the best part of my job. They're stressful, they're crazy, but they're incredible. 

My clients are the greatest (and I understand we're all supposed to say that, but I really believe it. My clients rule). In my business, clients become friends - and stick around. We go to coffee. We eat dinner together. I make myself available not just as a photographer, but a friend and a resource. And that's important to me - and apparently, to the people who hire me. (That's really why I have the best clientele. They value the relationship and the product as much as I do.)


Okay. I'm a self-proclaimed goober. I talk exactly how I type, so if you've made it to this point (or have read anything on the blog) and you're thinking "Oh, she's fun! I like her", we'll be a great team.

It's admittedly really awkward to type in length about myself when I'm not talking about my business. But here are some little bullets about me.

  • I'm pretty high-energy and I love my clients, but I'm a total introvert and a home-body when I'm not working. My ideal Friday night involves eating something sweet, marathoning The Eric Andre Show (so painfully bizarre), and soaking in the tub.
  • I've got old-lady hobbies. I've got a stash of calligraphy goods, an unfinished cross-stitch project, and about 80 homemade candles in the house. (Maybe these are more hipster than old-lady...)
  • I'm engaged!! We'll be having an intimate, very casual wedding late 2018 with family and a handful of close friends. Small and sweet is the name of the game, y'all.
  • I change my hair color from dark-brown to all-variations-of-red often, so there is a 50/50 chance my headshot is outdated.
  • I laugh. A lot. At everything. At nothing. At myself. Often.

This business - and human! - is a supporter of all loving people,
regardless of how you identify or who you love.