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documenting a beginning.


Sometimes I sit back and I am just stunned by some of the opportunities I have because I am a photographer.

Last summer I launched what I thought was a new, brilliant new service that would keep me busy every weekend and would take everyone by surprise.

It was the maternity + monthlies service, where a client would get maternity photos, and depending on their package, they would get 12 monthly sessions with 8 edits each, or 4 seasonal sessions with 8 edits each.

The day I announced it, Lacey contacted me and I think she and her husband booked within days.


We did their maternity session in June, and on August 1st, I went to the hospital (the day after she was born) to photograph her. She was the tiniest little baby (and the freshest) I'd ever seen, and I was terrified. She was so beautiful and so little!

And from there, we started doing the monthly pictures. Every month, we've done a few outfits, one always being a onesie with a sticker on the belly depicting which month we're in.

nd all this while her daddy was away serving our country. Lacey sent him wallets and posted on instagram to show him how much his baby was growing and, from what I've been told and what I've seen, those gestures and these pictures really meant the world to him - to them both.

Their family is the only one to take advantage of the package, so I was discouraged and took it off my website. But looking at it like just seems so important, documenting the first year of a baby's life. So much changes, so much happens, and I know you have your iPhone, but it just isn't the same.

It's been an honor and a blessing to photograph this family and to provide them with photos that they can, and will, cherish for the rest of their lives.