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day two: thinking long-term | personal post

When I started shooting weddings, I remember hearing and reading that I should expect to burn out in ten years.

Yikes. That terrified me then, and now I'm more than halfway there. I can't imagine burning out from weddings, but that's probably because I'm not shooting 50 of them a year. (Nor do I want to be - that's a LOT of weddings, and a lot of busy weekends.)

But I have a game plan, a vision for where this is all going, and a vision for the peak of my mountain.

If you know the show Parks and Rec, consider me a non-blonde Leslie Knope, swapping government work for photo work. I'm big on lists, big picture ideas, and stress.

And waffles.

I have a very particular vision for my business. In the short term, I want to build up an epic savings account, shoot 16 weddings in 2017, and be prepared to have a studio space (in McKinney, ideally) in 2018. 

When I get my space, I want to shoot 5-10 sessions during the week, moving into weekends if they're open. My studio will be for boudoir and glamour portraits, all focused on empowering and celebrating women of all ages, shapes, colors, sizes. I'd like it to be a space for clients to come by, enjoy coffee and snacks, chat with me about their accomplishments and their insecurities, and then work it all out in front of the camera. I really want my in-studio sessions to be therapeutic and remarkable.

And of course, I'll still shoot weddings, taking on about 10-15 per year. Like I said, I can't imagine ever growing old of them. People in love are so fun and refreshing to photograph and it warms my heart every single time I get the chance to do it.

This whole writing challenge is for the sake of putting something out there and not editing every thought, but I'm realizing this is a pretty short topic. If you read this, and you want to help me build my portfolio for glamour work, please reach out. I may not have a studio for now, but I do have a portable backdrop and can make it happen anywhere.