Cortnie Dee Photography provides wedding and portrait photography, and is based in McKinney, Texas.

So, you're getting married somewhere awesome.

(Not to say Dallas isn't awesome. I moved here in 2014 and decided to make it home. It has a lot to offer*.)

Well, I want to come too! I've got a passport, a pillow for the plane, and luggage for my clothes and my equipment.


pricing starts at $3,500
includes travel + accommodations
full day coverage with one photographer


pricing starts at $3,000
includes travel + accommodations
full day coverage with one photographer


Q: How many days are you working when you're there?
A: That depends! That base price includes your full wedding day covered from beginning to end, but we can add in pre/post-wedding creative portraits, rehearsal dinner coverage, etc. 

Q: Do you book your own flights, or do I?
A: I book the flights and the hotels, and the rental car if needed! The reason for this is that I prefer to arrive 2-3 days prior to your wedding date, just in case there are any complications in travel. I never want to chance missing a wedding due to travel. 

Q: What about an engagement session? We want one of those, too...
A: No problem! We can price that out easily. (Or, if you're in Dallas, it's totally free.)

Q: I'm a little nervous about not hiring someone from the area we're getting married. 
A: I don't blame you, but I will say you should take a deep breath. If you're in Dallas, we'll do everything prior together like normal: coffee date consultations, get dinner before the big day to discuss details, etc. And if you aren't, we will Skype/Facetime those things (I'm down to eat dinner with you over video!) so that we can talk in real time about everything. As far as knowing the area goes - research, research, research! Between Pinterest, google, and reaching out to peers all over the world, I will be as educated as possible about your venue, the area around it, and everything in between. 

Q: What about that little asterisk you put up there in the beginning?
A: Dallas has a lot to offer! Barbecue. Pie. Accents. Sweetest of teas. And it is home to the man of my dreams - definitely worth staying for.