One location, indoors or outdoors
Post-session Reveal
15 digital images

Package One

10 8x10 prints
Keepsake box


15 8x10 prints
Keepsake box


15 8x10 prints
Keepsake box
Framed Wall Gallery OR Album

So, how does this work? Well, I want you to have all the options you want. When you book your $300 session, you have your standard portrait session: we meet up, spend about an hour taking gorgeous photos, and a week later, we meet up and you see your images for the first time. At this point, you are free to walk away with your digital files!

Now, I am a believer that your photos are not just for now - they're for always. They belong on the walls in your home, not just on your Facebook and Instagram. Because of this, I have created three bundles for products, and at our meeting, you are welcome to place your order for any bundle that makes the most sense for you and yours. 


maternity + monthlies

...Because it all happens so fast. One month they're putty in your arms and the next they're rolling around and crawling over everything.

I want to be there with you from the very beginning. We start with your maternity session (around 7 months pregnant), and then as soon as your little bundle of joy enters the world, we do thirteen sessions: a next-day hospital session (optional), and twelve monthly sessions to document the changes each month.

I only take on 4 of these sessions at a time, so contact me for more information.