wedding faq

Cortnie Dee Photography provides wedding and portrait photography, and is based in McKinney, Texas.


Frequently Asked Questions - Wedding Edition

Do you offer payment plans? And how do I make payments?

Oh, totally. For several reasons, I would never expect anyone to pay in full, up front, and sometimes even 50/50 can be tough. I offer monthly payment plans to help keep it all manageable. 

Payments are generally made via PayPal invoicing, but I can run cards, and do accept cash and checks - just not via snail mail. Venmo and the Cash app are also fine! (Basically I want to make everything as easy on you as I can.)


Is there a retainer fee?

Not on top of your total package price. 50% of your total package is a retainer, which does mean it is nonrefundable if you change plans, or go off and elope (but absolutely can be applied elsewhere if need be).


What does "full day wedding coverage" mean?

It means that I do not hold you to strict hours of coverage. Sure, we could cover a lot of our bases in 6 hours, but let's break that down for a minute.

If you start getting ready at 12pm, and your ceremony is at 4, you want a first look and family portraits, that coverage would be 12-6pm. That covers getting ready photos, ceremony, family portraits, newlywed portraits, and an hour of your reception...and that's when people are eating. Add two more hours and we might land just before your sendoff?

So I don't put limits. If your whole day is 8 hours, cool! If it's 14, great! I'll be there, all day, with pep and pizzazz. (And coffee.)


Is it just one photographer? Do I need two photographers?

While I do offer a second photographer, it normally is just me. I'm quick and efficient, but I also can't be everywhere at once. I recommend a second photographer if your guest count is over 200, if your ceremony site has a balcony, or if getting ready photos of your spouse-to-be is super important to you.

Also, I want to note that the jump for a second photographer price-wise is higher than you may see elsewhere, but that is because I pay them to be there full-day with me, and culling through another set of 3,000 images is double the work.


Do you offer prints and albums?

I do - however, I also give full printing permission, which means you're free to do all of that yourself if you so choose. I offer products mostly because I know some people just don't get around to it and would rather hand that job over to me! We can go over your needs once all your edits are finished, so you'll have an idea of what goes on your walls and what goes into an album!