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Cortnie Dee Photography provides wedding and portrait photography, and is based in McKinney, Texas.

I'm Cortnie Dee, a wedding and portrait photographer based in McKinney, Texas.



First and foremost, I love people. I love getting to know people, I love building lasting connections with people, and I love empowering people. I think if I had never picked up a camera I would have found a way to be a professional personal-cheerleader.

Being a photographer allows me to do everything I love. My job revolves around making people feel comfortable, making people laugh (at me, sometimes, which I'm okay with), and getting to know their stories. I love it. I say it all the time, but I really, truly have the best job in the entire world.

I started taking portraits in 2007 - my first session was a senior portrait session in their backyard...and just hit the ground running. I was asked to do a wedding in 2010 and didn't think I could do it. But I did it, and fell in love. Weddings are, without a doubt, the best part of my job. They're stressful, they're crazy, but they're incredible. 

My clients are the greatest (and I understand we're all supposed to say that, but I really believe it. My clients rule). In my business, clients become friends - and stick around. We go to coffee. We eat dinner together. I make myself available not just as a photographer, but a friend and a resource. And that's important to me - and apparently, to the people who hire me. (That's really why I have the best clientele. They value the relationship and the product as much as I do.)



Okay. I'm a self-proclaimed goober. I talk exactly how I type, so if you've made it to this point (or have read anything on the blog) and you're thinking "Oh, she's fun! I like her", we'll be a great team.

It's admittedly really awkward to type in length about myself when I'm not talking about my business. But here are some little bullets about me.

  • I'm pretty high-energy and I love my clients, but I'm a total introvert and a home-body when I'm not working. My ideal Friday night involves eating something sweet, getting lost in bizarre Youtube videos, and soaking in the tub.

  • I'm married (as of 9/30/18!) to the funniest person I’ve ever met. He has a real cool beard, talks about tech stuff that goes over my head (web developer, cool guy), and makes really neat music in his downtime. He has also built us a lot of awesome furniture. He’s my favorite.

  • I change my hair color from dark-brown to all-variations-of-red often, so there is a 50/50 chance my headshot is outdated. One thing is for certain: when you see me, it’ll be in a big ol’ topknot.

  • I laugh. A lot. At everything. At nothing. At myself. Often.

This business - and human! - is a supporter of all loving people,
regardless of how you identify or who you love.

 The most authentic photo of me that could ever exist, featuring our sweet pup Buddy.

The most authentic photo of me that could ever exist, featuring our sweet pup Buddy.