The Initial Photographer Consultation | McKinney Wedding Photographer

Meeting prospective photographers can be pretty intimidating. Whether you're meeting just one person, or several people, you want to ask all the hard-hitting questions and see if they are a good fit for your personality and your needs.

I wanted to share with you some questions and some topics that come up in my own consultations, and some that should be talked about more.



First of all, why are you hiring a photographer?

If your answer is "...I don't know, because I'm supposed to??", then let's dig deeper.

  • What are your plans for these images? To upload them to facebook? To make an album? To decorate the walls of your home?

  • What parts of the day are of utmost importance to you? Maybe you're really big on the ceremony, but not so much on the getting ready process.

  • What parts of the day would you rather not waste edits on? If you know you are not going to do a single thing with those ring photos, let's leave them out.

I need to know what is important to you, as well as what is not important to you.

And after we get those important details down...

  • What photography style(s) do you like the most? Some people love posed portraits, some people prefer candid. Some people love vintage-esque, black and white photos, some people crave vibrant, colorful photos. What speaks to your heart, and what do you think best captures the love you and your partner share?

  • What are some things you loathe about wedding photos? Maybe you hate cheesy fake-funny wedding party photos. Maybe you think detail shots of your ring make no sense. Maybe you really, really do not like photos of you getting ready. Let me know what you 100% do not want, because it speaks volumes.

  • Why have you chosen all the vendors you've chosen? Some people care more about price. Some people care more about connection. Some people care more about name-dropping. What made you choose your cake, your flowers, your venue?

Once you nail down the specifics, it is so much easier for you to narrow down your photographers and choose the one best suited to not only document your day, but to do it in a way that best flows with your entire vibe. 

Stay focused! Come to consultations with requests, demands, and questions! And don't be afraid to speak your mind on the wants, dislikes, and everything in between.