sarah + mia | mckinney portrait photography


I've been doing a lot of research and education on portraiture. I'd ideally like to start taking on portrait work throughout the week and on my non-wedding-weekends in 2017, but I wanted to really make it an experience

I am a firm believer in authenticity and transparency, and while I really do love photographing babies and families, there is something so unique and beautiful about photographing not just faces, but essences. (I acknowledge how cheesy that sounds, but stay with me here.)

My best friend Sarah and I have been doing photoshoots since 2011; it's really how our friendship started, and she has been one of my favorite people to photograph. When she and her partner Mia came to town this past weekend, we knew a photoshoot was necessary, but I didn't want it to be another model-esque session. I wanted to dive deep, to capture who she is in her core...and to do the same for Mia. 

Sarah is a whirlwind of warmth and compassion. She is a nanny for a few families, she is a believer in all things natural and good, and in her heart, she simply wants to put greatness and love into the world. And she does, with everything she says and each action she takes. She is one of the most self-aware, honest, and good people I have ever been so blessed to know.

Mia is a firey, passionate woman, with such a wild range of talents. She is a producer at a large online news company (I probably worded that horribly), and has a lot of responsibilities and wears a lot of hats. I made it my mission to slow her down, to really see her and hear her, so I asked her to be vulnerable. I had a vision of a glammed-up-Mia, something she later told me she appreciated but didn't really take time to do for herself. 

We had a blast. They encouraged each other, laughed with each other, and for their individual portraits, helped each other shine. And when they got together for portraits...their love and admiration shone through.

These are two remarkable individuals with respect for one another, which makes their love so evident.