it's our turn.

I've tried typing out a billion fluffy intros to this blog post, but really, there's only one thing to say to kick this off: I am engaged to my best friend, the love of my life, the man of my dreams (quite literally: about a year before I moved to Texas I had a dream that I married a man with a beard).

Three weeks into dating, I wrote my first draft of our wedding vows. This whole thing isn't news, and because I knew one day he would propose, we laid out three rules:

  1. Not on or near a holiday. 
  2. Not on a vacation (so that way I wouldn't spend every vacation anticipating it).
  3. Not at dinner.

And he broke two of those rules. 

We flew to Denver on Christmas Day, and our first adventure was heading to Genesee Park. It was snowy and windy and beautiful.

We sat down on a bench and just sort of soaked in the beauty - and he got real quiet and said his heart was racing. I was freezing and it was windy so I suggested we leave and head back down. He led me over to a rock that was in front of us, and honestly I was thinking "It's so cold and we can see everything from here so can we just get to the car?!"

With no plan, and a gut feeling telling him that that moment was the right time, he said "I don't have a ring..." And I froze, because I honestly thought he was pulling a prank on me. "...but will you marry me?"

I can't even lie - my immediate response was: "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!"

And then after reassurance it was, in fact, real, I nearly collapsed and said yes. (And then asked a million times if he was sure and if it was actually real. It was. We're engaged.)

But, because there was no plan, there was no ring! So the next day we went to a nearby mall, popped into a few stores, and he bought me my wedding band. From there, we went to Red Rocks and took some pictures and soaked in both the excitement and the views. 

The next day, we went to the Flatirons and hiked around and saw some cows. 

Our last day, we went to drive up to Loveland Pass, stopping through Georgetown on the way! Unfortunately, due to some accidents we couldn't get up to Loveland Pass, but Georgetown was ADORABLE. 

And that's a wrap! We're home, happy, and very in love. And engaged.

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