Planning Your Geek-Chic Wedding | dallas wedding photographer

I can't decide how I feel about the term "geek-chic". But "How to Incorporate Your Nerdy Passions Into Your Wedding" felt like a really long title. 

A lot of my brides are full of quirk and pizazz and I love it. Last year, I photographed a "Harry Potter + Doctor Who Pi Day wedding". It was on March 3rd (3.14.15), and the props were (tardi? Not sure?),  sonic screwdrivers, wands, and floating candles. And books. And general awesomeness.

Me, personally? I'm not a movie person, or a comic person, though I get the appeal. If I chose to incorporate my nerd-loves into my wedding, I'd have a barbershop quartet singing "God Only Knows" (Bioshock Infinite), or I'd find a way to make a post-apocalyptic wedding glamorous, because I'm a huge fan of the Fallout franchise. 

But, I think it is so crucial to bring in your passion to your wedding. Whether it's old vinyl, your favorite super hero, or music from your favorite video game, it'll really make your wedding your own.

Cortnie Davis2 Comments