Mr. and Mrs. Chambers | denton wedding photography

I have tried writing an intro for this post for about five minutes. I just have so much to say!

Kenzie is a client that is near and dear to my heart - a great friend, an extremely easy-going bride. She and Monty have a love that makes me laugh; we've spent many nights drinking wine together and dreaming about weddings (she's convinced that we need to start planning mine) and I've gotten to know both her and Monty very well. They have a love filled with laughter and honesty and it makes me smile every time I get to witness it.

Their wedding was absolutely breathtaking - and I don't think I've ever seen anyone dance that well in my life (and with wine in hand, no doubt). Not only was I the photographer, but I got to coordinate and help plan, and it was a complete blast. (She's also convinced I need to be a full-time coordinator and a full-time photographer, and well...we'll see.)

I say it every single time: I. Love. My. Job.