oh, I have a blog.

Yeah. It's been eight months (almost to the day, yikes) since my last post. Wow.

Since my last post, I've done 31 photoshoots, 14 weddings, 3 boudoir events, and 1 live birth. (And dove into planning my own wedding - I've hand-poured 72 candles, had a few vendor meetings, bought my wedding dress and accessories, and did a whole lot of budgeting.) This is the 32nd week in the year...I just had to google that to confirm.

Needless to say, it's been a busy year. And between now in December, I've got about 10 sessions, 10 weddings, 1 boudoir event, and 1 more live birth on the books (with monthly sessions following the birth of that precious baby!). 2017 has rocked my socks off, and 2018 is looking lovely as well!

It seems a little bizarre to only post with words, so you know, here's what 2017 has looked like for me - lots of laughs, a dash of sass, and a ton of love.



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