Should I do a first look? | McKinney Wedding Photography

Yes, the either loved or hated "first look", the decision of whether to see each other before the walk down the aisle.

Some couples absolutely love the idea of a private first look. Others hate breaking the tradition. But what is best for you?

First Look.


First looks are best for couples with snug timelines, or anyone who wants to get right to their reception. Doing a first look is intimate, quick, and can alleviate pressure on couples who don't want the pressure of a big reaction. They're always sweet, always personal, and always fun. 

Down The Aisle


Oh, that sweet, sweet reaction that seems to come through most when emotional spouses have the whole day to anticipate this moment. Waiting to see each other at the aisle is best for couples who don't mind all eyes on all that emotion, for more traditional couples, and for those who have a little more wiggle room in their schedule for more posed photos after the ceremony.

So, do a first look if:

  • You're cool with throwing tradition to the wind.

  • You want natural light in your portraits, but your ceremony is close to sunset.

  • You don't want a bunch of eyes on you when you see each other for the first time.

And don't do a first look if:

  • Tradition is important to you.

  • You have plenty of time after the ceremony for more photos!

  • You're totally cool being sweet and sentimental with eyes on you.

Ultimately, it's all up to you, and there is no bad choice! You're going to marry the person of your dreams, eat great food, and be surrounded by the ones who love you most. You know...the real important stuff.