Whether you're a beauty guru, an Etsy angel, or an accountant from the heavens, you probably need some form of branding.

One thing I have learned from running my own business is that it is so much more than the service in my title. Photography is what I provide, yes. But how do I make myself stand out? I market myself to happy people by displaying real smiles and laughter, and portraying myself as an actual person with a voice and a whole lot o' quirk. My clients recognize this and choose to hire me because of it. I've gotten so much response based off my "about me" alone - it's awesome.

I can't claim to be a website expert, but I did set up mine and a few others' as well. I've helped manage social media for local businesses, mentored them on website maintenance, and taken photos to help businesses showcase their goods and themselves. I've dabbled in food styling (I can make a mean bowl of fake ice cream and can dew up a pint glass in no time), product line photography, and like everyone my age, have embarrassingly styled a slice of pie for an instagram before eating it in five seconds.

Let's work together to bring your branding up to date. 

Headshots - $150, 15 edits.

Whether you need these in your place of work (and yes, home can be work if you've got a home office!), or on location elsewhere, we can work to get you some headshots that really reflect who YOU are. Of course, if you need something a bit more corporate (aka: sit in front of a backdrop and be elegant), we can do that, too. (But I just need one! Okay, but you also need options and it is never just one, y'all.)

Headshots + Action - $300, 30 edits.

Read above, then add in the part where you're doing your job. If you're a makeup artist, let's grab you a face and put some makeup on it. If you're a hairstylist, let me sit in on an appointment and photograph you working your magic! Whatever you do, let's photograph it so that your future clientele can see a bit behind the scenes!

Stock Social Media Session - custom pricing based off your needs

Think of this as your own stock photo session. If you sell a product and you need it laid out immaculately, let's do that. If you sell a "feeling" (like those in the spa industry who maybe don't want every photo to be of a product but want to put out a zen and relaxed vibe online), let's create images that represent what you're trying to put out there. 

Commercial Sessions - custom pricing based off your needs

If you're dreaming up a shoot with six models all dolled up in your clothing line, or an editorial-esque shoot to create a lookbook for makeup, this is for you. Because these shoots take multiple hours, lots of set-up and prep (hello, timeline coordination!), these must be priced a bit differently than your standard photoshoot. 

Squarespace From Scratch - $150, and as much time as it takes for us to get it right.

If you are clueless about where to start when it comes to websites, come to squarespace. And if you still can't figure it out, come to me because I love squarespace and I will talk about it all day, every day. For these sessions, we'll sit down together, sift through templates that are ideal for what you're selling, and write up some copy that helps readers get to know you!