Boudoir photography is whatever you want it to be.

I love every aspect of my business. I love weddings and babies and giggly families; I honestly do love it all. But there is a special fire in my heart for empowering women and showing them their true beauty. 

I believe every woman has a unique story, filled with laughter, love, aspiration, heartbreak. Not only do I want to take incredible photographs of you, but I want to know your story: what are you going through, what have you overcome? What fuels your soul? What makes you feel stunning? What parts of you are you hiding?

We can address those things, celebrate it all, and create images together that encompass who you are.

Generally speaking, when women look to book a photoshoot of just themselves, they look towards "boudoir photography", and I think that's great! But what about boudoir are you wanting for yourself? Do you want to look and feel sexy? Are you celebrating the body you're in? I'm all for both of those things, and I love beautiful lingerie! But you don't need a high end corset to be breathtaking.

You are welcome to wear whatever you want, whether it's your favorite dress, a pair of jeans with a band tee, or - of course - lingerie.

Come prepared to receive an ego boost like no other, because you’ll leave feeling like a supermodel.


The perfect occasion for all the girls to get together!
Minimum of 3 people required.

Cocktails + Snacks
One hour sessions per person
35+ Digital Images per person


Cocktails + Snacks
Unlimited shooting time
Unlimited outfits
50+ Digital Images




What should I wear? That, my friend, is entirely up to you. What do you feel most confident in? Remember, your session doesn't have to be inspired by Victoria's Secret Angels. If you feel more confident in jeans and a tee, then that's at least one outfit you should wear. This session is for you to feel your best, so wear whatever will do that for you!

Can I bring a friend? Absolutely - I just ask that you do not bring any men (no offense, fellas!) as this can lead to a lot of distractions! 

Are my photos private? YES. This is something I am very serious about. Any boudoir photos you see on this site or on any social media are there only because my clients have given me explicit permission to do so.

I'm a little maybe this isn't for me. Well, that's not a question, but let me assure you that this absolutely CAN be for you. You can be modest and still appreciate some pampering, snacks, and gorgeous photos. 

Where do you take the photos? There are gorgeous studios and hotels all over the metroplex! We’ll find something that suits your vision.

Can I see some of your boudoir work? Sure, but understand you're about to jump through a few hoops to see them. Contact me through the form on my Contact page, and use the email address associated with your Facebook account, and if you have an instagram account (as most people do now), leave that as well. This is to ensure that these photos are seen by prospective clients only (aka, no gentlemen).

I'd like to book a session for my wife/girlfriend. That's sweet, but have her contact me. If she wants to book, she will!

Do you offer couples boudoir? I personally don't, but am happy to refer you to someone who does!

What about dudeoir? Clever. No, but there are people locally who do and I will happily refer you!



I had never heard of boudoir before, I wasn't quite sure what the term meant. When I got married last December, I wanted to give my husband the best possible gift, I wanted it to be unique and amazing. That is when I came across boudoir on Pinterest, I knew it was what I wanted to give to my husband. I met Cortnie through my good friend Krista(the amazing makeup artist who does makeup for Cortnie's boudoir shoots&marathons- Makeup by Krista Ann) I instantly knew she was who I wanted to do my boudoir photos. All I did was tell Cortnie some of what I wanted and she turned my vision into a reality! My session was amazing, I was pampered and made absolutely comfortable, Cortnie is the type of person that can make you feel right at home and it's great because doing boudoir can feel quite personal. I've struggled with self confidence issues all of my life and I can say that doing the boudoir shoot was the absolute best thing I could have done for myself. I felt beautiful, empowered and amazing, Cortnie made sure of it! My pictures came out better than I imagined. Seeing my husband's face when he opened the album before our wedding was absolutely priceless, I couldn't have chosen a better gift if I tried. I'm now pregnant and plan to do a pregnancy boudoir shoot for my husband as well! Whether you want to do the shoot for yourself or your significant other, I highly recommend just giving it a try, you never know what it could do for you and you couldn't ask for a better photographer than Cortnie Dee!

Do it! Don't think about it, just do it! I was so skeptical about taking these photos, but it was the best decision. Talk about a huge confidence boost. Cortnie makes you feel incredible throughout the entire shoot and the product at the end is unbelievable!

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