Wedding photography.


These are the photos your grandchildren will brag about.

You know the ones I mean - the ones that sit in ornate frames, the ones that live in that album that does get dusty from time to time.
These are hardly just for you, though you’re totally worth it.

These are forever, for always.

So let’s tell your story - all the laughter, the sass, the kisses,
and the community around you - and have a blast doing it.

Wedding collections start at $3,000,
and include 8 hours of wedding day coverage.

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"What about travel fees? If you're living in Dallas and I'm in ________, what do I do?!?!"

I love planes. And boats. And you. If you want me to come to your wedding and you're outside of Dallas, Texas, fear not! I will be there, and I might be square.

For more information on booking me for your destination wedding, fill out that contact form and let's chat about what you're planning!

"Do you do elopements? We're having a very small wedding that doesn't require all the frills!"

Absolutely I do! I love the nature of elopements - bringing it back to basics and keeping it small and intimate.

Please note that I define elopements as weddings with less than 30 guests, and that these packages cannot be applied to full ceremony + reception events.